Jun 11, 2012

Future of 3 d printers

Future of 3 d printers
What they can really do?
3D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from digital file.

Building aircraft with 3D printer:

3D printer first slices up an object computerized design into hundreds of easily printable layers.
Each layer is then printed by training a laser beam on a bed of polyamide plastic, stainless steel or titanium power depending on the object being created- tracing out the entire 2D shape required for that layer.
The laser’s heat fuses the particle together at boundaries. Once each layer is completed, more power is scattered over it and the process repeated until a complete artifact is produced.
With 3D printing we can go back to pure forms and explore the mathematics of airflow  without beign forced to put in straight lines to keep costs down.

Research into new application:

Reconstructing fossils in paleontology, replicating ancient and priceless artifacts in archeology,
AS of 2012 3D printing technology was being studied by biotechnology firms and academia fir possible use in tissue engineering application where organs and body parts are built using inject techniques