Sep 9, 2007


Effects of depletion

  • The hole allows passage of UV radiation to the earth where it causes skin cancer, eye defects like cataract, photo burning, genetic disorder, etc.
  • Growth and production of vegetation may decrease to an extent of 20% to 30%.
  • By various mutagenic disorders cause the decrease in lifespan, early aging and suffering from different physiological and genetic disorders.
  • It is reported that with increase in UV dose the phytoplankton of biosphere gets destroyed. The phytoplankton is affected then the small animals that feed on them will also get affected. Thus food chain gets disturbed.
  • Larva and young ones of aquatic animals also gets killed, resulting in decrease in output of fisheries.
  • One of the greatest changes that could be observed is the climatic change. Decrease in activity of phytoplankton would result in increase in concentration resulting in global warming.
  • Ozone depletion causes DNA breakage, inhibition and alternation of replication of DNA and cell gets dead.
  • Ozone causes lesions to plants. Ozone reacts with fibres like cotton, nylon, and polyesters etc.
  • UV radiations injure plant proteins, depletion in chlorophyll and harmful mutations can be observed.